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May 2017 - International
Philatelic Auction Calendar



May 2017 Philatelic Auctions   ...



1st                DOYLE - NEW YORK (USA)  

2nd - 4th      DANIEL F. KELLEHER CO. INC. [No. 698] (USA)

3rd                DOROTHEUM GmbH & CO. KG [No. 7134] (AUSTRIA)

3rd               SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD. [No. 4266] (ENGLAND)

4th               CORBITT STAMPS LTD. [No. 155] (ENGLAND)


6th               H.J.W. DAUGHERTY PHILATELIC AUCTIONS [No. 174] (USA)

6th               KARAMITSOS AUCTIONS [Nos. 584-585] (GREECE)

6th               STADE AUKTIONEN [No. 43] (GERMANY)   

6th               VACCARI s.r.l. [No. 91] (ITALY)   

9th                  SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD. [No. 5266] (ENGLAND)

9th - 11th     JÜRGEN GÖTZ e.K. AUKTIONSHAUS [No. 374] (GERMANY)    

9th - 12th     ROBERT A. SIEGEL GALLERIES [Nos. 1153-1158] (USA)

10th - 11th   VIENNAFIL AUKTIONEN GmbH [No. 37] (AUSTRIA)

12th              HARMERS INTERNATIONAL INC. [No. 8] (USA)


12th - 13th   FORTAGNE u. LIPFERT GbR [No. 172] (GERMANY)    


14th              HARMER-SCHAU AUCTION GALLERIES INC. [No. 113] (USA)

16th              AUKTIONHAUS HETTINGER [No. 46] (GERMANY)    

17th              ATHENS AUCTIONS [Nos. 46] (GREECE)  


18th              SCHULZ-BRIEFMARKENAUKTIONEN [No. 176] (GERMANY)    

19th - 20th   GERT MÜLLER GmbH & CO. KG [No. 94] (GERMANY)    

19th - 20th   RARITAN STAMPS INC. [No. 73] (USA)

19th - 20th   VICTORIA STAMP COMPANY [No. 36] (USA)  

20th              BURDA AUCTION S.R.O. [No. 54] (CZECH REPUBLIC)  

20th              PETER FEUSER AUKTIONEN [No. 85] (GERMANY)  

20th - 21st   RASDALE STAMP CO. [No. 432] (USA)  

21st              LASER INVEST S.R.L. [No. 164] (ITALY)  

21st              TAKAHASHI STAMP COMPANY [No. 608] (JAPAN)  

23rd - 24th  SPARKS AUCTIONS [No. 24] (CANADA)  


26th - 27th   AIX-PHILA AUKTIONSHAUS [No. 60] (GERMANY)  


26th - 27th   KELLEHER & ROGERS LTD. [No. 22] (HONG KONG)  

27th              SPINK - China [No. CSS24] (HONG KONG)  

27th - 28th   JAPAN STAMP AUCTIONS [No. 97] (JAPAN)  

31st              LUGDUNUM PHILATÉLIE [No. 102] (FRANCE)  

31st              SPINK - Switzerland [No. SW1020] (SWITZERLAND)  



June 2017 Philatelic Auctions   ...


1sT     H.R. Harmer Inc. [No. 3013] (USA)

4tH     Cambridgeshire PhilateliC Auctions [No. 350] (ENGLAND)

7tH     CorinPhila Auktionen AG (SWITZERLAND) 

7tH     Warwick & Warwick Ltd. (ENGLAND) 

10tH   John Bull Stamp Auctions Ltd. (HONG KONG)

17tH   Eastern Auctions Ltd. (CANADA)

18th   Takahashi Stamp Company [No. 609] (JAPAN)

?         Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries (USA)






1st                     DOYLE - NEW YORK

                                (New York, NY)


1,221 Lots of Stamps (Lot Nos. 1001-1053), Coins (Lot Nos. 1130-1158.1159-1221), Ephemera (Lot Nos. 1053-1072-1144) and Banknotes (Lot Nos. 1073-1103, 1104-1129), all being sold at a public auction on that Monday at the Doyle-New York Auction Galleries located at 175 East 87th St., in New York City, beginning promptly at 4:00 PM.


NOTE: Auction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


NOTE: The entire Doyle - New York auction catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL  (212) 427-2730   FAX  (212) 369-0892





2nd - 4th           DANIEL F. KELLEHER CO. INC.

                               (Danbury, CT: Sale No. 698)


Continuing the auctioneer’s ‘Flagship Series’ of sales, 2,818 Lots of United States and General Foreign Postage Stamps, Postal History, Collections and other Large Lots, all being knocked-down at a public auction at the Daniel F. Kelleher Auction Galleries located at 4 Finance Drive in Danbury, Connecticut, beginning promptly at 9:00 AM on both days.


The sale offers several specialized collections, to include:


~ The Best Collection of United States: Part I


~ The JointDoc Collection of Worldwide Booklets: Part I


~ The Newbury Park Collection


~ The Lester F. Pross Collection.


~ The Reno Holding of Comprehensive British Europe and British North America


~ The Stanley J. Richmond Holding of Stamps: Part I


NOTE: The complete Daniel F. Kelleher Co. Inc. catalog listings are available on their WebSite [see below]:


TEL (781) 235-0990   FAX (781) 235-0945





3rd                     DOROTHEUM GmbH & CO. KG

                                (Vienna, Austria: Auction No. 7134)


A 1,097-Lot public auction of Austria, European, and other Worldwide Stamps and Postal History. The sale will be conducted at 10:00 AM on that Tuesday and Wednesday in the ‘Ludwigstorff Room’ at the historic and elegant, and Palais Dorotheum Building offices, located at Dorotheergaße 17, Vienna.


Strong in Austria and the Austrian Areas Postage Stamps and Postal History, the sale also includes much in the way of General Foreign, primarily from the European Areas.


General Foreign of note can be found in the listings of Czechoslovakia (Listed as Tschechoslowakei, Lot Nos. 268-281), Germany (Lot Nos. 1-115), Great Britain (Lot Nos. 148-165), Hungary (Listed as Ungarn, Lot Nos. 284-290) Liechtenstein (Lot Nos. 188-203), Russia (Lot Nos. 218-229) and Switzerland (Lot. Nos. 233-259).


NOTE: The entire Dorotheum GmbH. auction catalog can be viewed on the auctioneer's WebSite [see below].


TEL [43] 1 515.60.297   FAX [43] 1 515.60.348)





3rd                     SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD.

                                (Knutsford, Cheshire, England: Auction No. 4266)


3,535 Lots of Great Britain, the British Commonwealth, and General Foreign Postage Stamps and Covers. Highlights of the sale include:


~  Egypt: The 1874-1875 ‘Sphinx and Pyramid’ Issue - specialized collection of the Bulaq printings offered by value w/ in-depth study of shades, varieties, plate flaws and perf types.


~  Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika: A comprehensive range of scarce and rare high values offered as individual lots.


NOTE: The complete catalog for this auction is available on the Sandafayre

(Holdings) Ltd. WebSite [see below].


TEL [44] 1565 65.32.14   FAX [44] 1565 65.16.37





4th                     CORBITT STAMPS LTD.

                                (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England: Auction No. 155)


1,941 Lots of Great Britain and British Commonwealth, and other Worldwide Postage Stamps and Postal History. The sale will commence promptly at 12:00 Noon on that Thursday at 12:00 Noon on that Thursday at the Britannia Newcastle Airport Hotel ( located at the Newcastle Airport at Ponteland, Woolsington, in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (within easy walking distance of the airport terminal, and only 7 miles from Newcastle City Centre).


NOTE: The entire Corbitts Stamps Ltd. auction catalogue can be downloaded from their WebSite [see below].


TEL: [44] 191 232-7269   FAX [44] 191 261-4130                    





6th                     BIELEFELDER BRIEFMARKEN + MÜNZEN


                                (Bielfeld, Germany: Auction No. 77)


A comprehensive 1,707-Lot offering of fine German States, Germany, German Offices Abroad, German Occupations, and German Colonies Postage Stamps, Postal History, and Collections; the sale also incls better General Foreign, all being offered  at their premises located at Windelsbleicher Straße 174, in Bielfeld.


In addition, the sale also offers better Copper, Silver and Gold Coins, primarily representing Germany and the German Areas (Lot Nos. 1-11).


TEL [49] 521 43.19.43   FAX [49] 521 44.59.13





6th                     H.J.W. DAUGHERTY PHILATELIC AUCTIONS

                                (Eastham, MA: Public Auction No. 174)


A 231-lot auction of United States and General Foreign Stamps and Covers being conducted in conjunction with the Philatelic Show 2017 being held at the Regency Inn - Boxborough, located in Boxborough MA at I-495 (Exit 28) and State Rte 111 at 2:00 PM on that Saturday.


NOTE: Auction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


NOTE: The complete catalog for this auction is available on the H,J,W, Daugherty Philatelic Auctions WebSite [see below].


TEL: (508) 255-7488   FAX (508) 240-5789                    






                             PHILATELIC AUCTIONS

                                (Thessalonika, Greece: Public Auction Nos. 584-585)


A 3,141-Lot public auction of primarily Greece and the Greek Areas, and Cyprus Postage Stamps and Postal History (including vintage Picture Postcards), contained in two sales presented in a luxuriously illustrated Greek:English languages bilingual catalog. The sale will be conducted on that Saturday at the Hilton Athens Hotel ( ) located at 46 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, in the heart of Athens, the sale commencing at 5:00 PM


 Sale Nos. 584, Lot Nos. 1-2487 - a General Sale strong in all aspects of Greece and Cyprus philatelia, and including comprehensive sections of Postmarks and Cancellations. Also offered is a large selection of vintage Picture Postcards.


 Sale No. 585, Lot Nos. 5001-5654 - a very interesting and nice grouping of Greece and Grecian-Areas Vintage Maps, Prints, and Photographs.


NOTE: Auction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


NOTE: The entire Argirios Karamitsos International Philatelic Auctions

catalog can viewed on their WebSite [see below]


TEL [30] 2310 26.43.66   FAX [30] 2310 27.40.31





6th                     STADE AUKTIONEN  

                                (Weil am Rhein, Germany: Sale No. 43)


An 16.026-Lot sale of primarily German and other Worldwide Vintage, neo-Modern, and other periods Picture Postcards. The Classical, Art Deco, 3rd Reich, Zeppelin, and WWII items all are intriguing, as well as being artistically attractive.


NOTE: The complete catalog for this auction is available on the Stade-Auktionen GmbH WebSite.


TEL [49] 7621 7.84.22   FAX [49] 7621 79.31.73





6th                     VACCARI s.r.l.

                                (Vignola [Modena], Italy: Sale No. 91)


A 1.187-Lot public auction of Italy and the Italian Areas, and other General Foreign Postage Stamps and Postal History, all being knocked down at the Vaccari Auction Galleries, located at via M Buonarroti in Vignola, Modena, beginning promptly at 9:00 AM.


The sale features significant stamps and postal history representing the Italian States and Italy, as well as the Italian Kingdom, the Social Republic and Italian Republic eras, and Military Mail.  


Of special interest are the unusual origins of Incoming Mails to the Kingdom of Italy, and a  large section devoted to Aerophilately, from the first Italian flights of the 1920s-1930s and key Zeppelin Flights, through to the 1933 Italian Cruise.


Rocket Mail is represented by the pioneer launches of the 1930s and a selection of Space Mail by China, as well as the 2008  Republic of Korea ‘first flight’, and the International Space Station, with space letters among which is one returned to the Earth aboard Space Shuttle STS-124 (Lot No. 1135).


NOTE: The entire Vaccari s.r.l. auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [39] 059 764.106   FAX [39] 059 760.157





9th                     SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD.

                                (Knutsford, Cheshire, England: Auction No. 5266)


3,436 Lots of Great Britain, the British Commonwealth, and General Foreign Postage Stamps and Covers. Highlights of the sale include:


~  Colombia - SCADTA Issues: Fine collection of the 1923-1934 issues and flown covers offered as individual lots, and including Consular Mail..


~   Kuwait: A 1923-1960 mint collection. including the ‘Extended T’ varieties offered as individual sets and better items.


~  Rhodesia: An extensive early to modern collection offered as better sets and individual item, including a range of £1 values.


NOTE: The complete catalog for this auction is available on the Sandafayre

(Holdings) Ltd. WebSite [see below].


TEL [44] 1565 65.32.14   FAX [44] 1565 65.16.37





9th - 11th          JÜRGEN GÖTZ e.K. INTERNATIONALES


                                (Oberkirch, Germany: Auction No. 374)


An 11,581-Lot public auction very strong in Germany and the German Areas Postage Stamps, Postal History, and Collections, but also offering a nice selection of General Foreign, and being sold at the Jürgen Götz e.K. Internationales Auktionhaus Offices located at Steinhof 12, Oberkirch (ca. 7 miles northeast of Offenburg./ Thursday.


NOTE: The entire Jürgen Götz e.K. Internationale Auktionhaus auction catalog can be viewed on their German:English:French trilingual language WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 7802 9.34.40   FAX [49] 7802 59.03






                                (New York, NY: Sale Nos. 1153-1158)


Four important upscale sales of premier General Foreign Stamps and Postal History, the auction being conducted at their Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries located in mid-town Manhattan at 60 East 56th St. – 4th Floor, New York City.


~ Sale 1153 - Tuesday, 9th May, The Dr. Deane R. Brigs Collection of Florida in the Civil War.


~ Sale 1154 - Wednesday, 10th May, The Steven C. Walske Collection of North American Blockade Mail and French Royal Packet Mail.


~ Sale 1155 - Tuesday-Wednesday, 9th-10th May, United States and Confederate States Postal History.


 ~ Sale 1156 - Thursday-Friday, 11th-12th May, United States Stamps.  


 ~ Sale 1157 - Thursday, 11th May, The United States McCoy Copy Inverted Jenny’.


~ Sale 1158 - Friday, 12th May, The Vaquero Collection of United States Essays and Proofs.


NOTE: The entire Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (212) 753-6421   FAX (212) 753-6429            

E-Mail:  (Scott R. Trepel)

   (John P. Zuckerman

   (Corey B. Long




10th - 11th        VIENNAFIL AUKTIONEN GmbH

                                (Vienna, Austria: Public Auction No. 37)


An 4,016-Lot offering strong in Austria and the Austrian Areas Postage Stamps and Postal History, all offered at a public auction in Halls 1-3 of the Fleming’s DeLuxe Hotel Wien-City ( located at Josefstädter Straße 10-12, in Vienna.


NOTE: The entire ViennaFil Auktionen GmbH auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [43] 1 405-1457   FAX [43] 1 405-1457-14





12th                   HARMERS INTERNATIONAL INC.

                                (Yorktown Heights [New York City], NY: Sale No. 8)


A series of several specialized collections and other key United States and General Foreign offered in a 413-Lot public auction being conducted the Collectors Club of New York located at 22 East 35th Street in New York City, starting promptly on that Friday at 1:00 PM .


The sale offers several specialized collections, to include:


~ The Denver Collection of United States Postal History


~ The Charles Gilmore Collection of Hong Kong


~ The Arthur Lerbs Collection of India


~ The Montréal Collection of the 17th-19th Century Letters and Documents of France


~ The Ridgefield United States Small Die Proofs and Essays


~ The Sciaky Collections of Romania and Ethiopia Stamps, Covers and Forgeries


NOTE: The entire Harmers International Inc catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (212) 532-3700   FAX (914) 962-5885






                                (Wilmington, DE: Auction No 310)


1,703 Lots of United States and General Foreign Postage Stamps, Postal History, and Collections, Accumulations and other Large Lots. The auction also includes comprehensive sections of Deltiology, USPS Products, Sports Cards, and Philatelic References and Supplies, all offered at a public auction conducted at the Dutch Country Auctions offices located at 4115 Concord Pike in Wilmington, Delaware, beginning promptly at 4:00 PM (Friday Sessions) and 10:00 AM (Saturday sessions).


The sale includes a selection ob better United States Coins, with over 20 Certified ‘Buffalo’ Nickels (incl several better dates), a full set of ‘Liberty Walking’ Half Dollars (w/ numerous nice later dates), an uncirculated 1877 ‘Trade Dollar’, an uncirculated 1838 ‘Reeded Edge Bust’ Half Dollar, a Gold 1911-D ‘Indian’ $10 (PCGS - Certified AU Details), and two choice quality Consecutive Serial Number 1899 $1 Silver Certificates.


NOTE: The entire Stamp Center (Dutch Country) auction catalog can  be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (302) 478-8740   FAX (302) 478-8779   





12th - 13th        FORTAGNE u. LIPFERT GbR

                          a.k.a. BRIEFMARKENAUKTION LEIPZIG

                               (Leipzig, Germany: Auction No. 172)


A muti-1000s Lot sale of the German States, Germany, German Offices Abroad and German Colonies being auctioned at the Briefmarkenauktion Leipzig Offices located at Straße des 18 October 35, in Leipzig.


TEL [49] 341 221-6446  FAX [49] 341 993-9784





13th                   MARKUS WEISSENBÖCK


                                (Salzburg, Austria: Auction No. 42)


A very interesting multi-1,000 Lot series of sales offering upscale Vintage Picture Postcards covering a very wide variety of subjects, all of which have been divided into five separate well-illustrated sales catalogs, the sale being conducted at the 4-Star Hotel Mercure City ( located at Bayerhamerstraße 14, in Salzburg.


The sale is offered in five primary categories:


~ Catalogue 1 (Lot Nos. 1-118) -  Fotografie’ (Vintage Photo Picture Postcards)


~ Catalogue 2 (Lot Nos. 500-2287) -  Ansichtskarten Philatelie Auktion’ (Vintage Philatelic Picture Postcards). 


~ Catalogue 3 (Lot Nos. 3000-3096) -  Ansichtskarten Auktion’ (Vintage Picture Postcard Auction).


NOTE: The entire Markus Weissenböck Ansichtskarten-Auktion catalogs can be viewed on their Website [see below].


TEL [43] 662 88.25.31   FAX [43] 662 88.25.51






                                (Petaluma [San Francisco], CA: Auction No. 113)


A 760-Lot offering of United States and Worldwide Stamps, Postal History, Collections, Accumulations, and other Large Lots, all being sold at a public auction being conducted in conjunction with the PIPEx 2017 Show, the sale taking place in the “Red Lion Ballroom” of the Red Lion Hotel - Jantzen Beach (, Beach located at 909 N. Hayden Island Dr., in Portland OR, commencing promptly at 10:00 AM.


The sale begins with General Foreign and British Commonwealth single lots, including Canada and the Canadian Provinces, and China. The United States section begins with postal history, primarily that of the Oregon towns, with that section being followed by United States singles.


The Collection and other Large Lots sections feature over 150 United States offerings with General, Postage, Back-of- the-Book, Postal History, and Picture Postcards. The British Commonwealth and General Foreign Country Collections are highlighted by the Canada, China, Germany and Japan, followed by offerings of General Foreign and Worldwide General Collections and Postal History. The sale will finishes with Philatelic Literature, Coins, Medals, and Currency



NOTE: The entire Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries auction catalog can viewed on their WebSite [see below]


TEL (707) 778-6454   FAX (707) 763-6772





16th                   AUKTIONHAUS HETTINGER

                               (Dessau-Roßlau, Germany: Auction No. 46)


A 4,613-Lot public auction strong in Germany and the German Areas Postage Stamps and Postal History, but also including other European and Other Areas the sale being conducted at the Days Inn Hotel ( located at Sonnenallee 4, in Dessau-Roßlau, and beginning promptly at 12:00 Noon.


NOTE: The entire Auktionhaus Hettinger auction catalog can viewed on their German:English bilingual language WebSite [see below]


TEL [49] 89   FAX [49] 89  





17th                   ATHENS AUCTIONS

                                (Athens, Greece: Sale No. 46)


A 4,255-Lot sale consisting primarily of Greece and the Greek Areas, as well as the related areas of Crete and the Dodecanese Islands, as well as and Cyprus, Postage Stamps and Postal History (including vintage Picture Postcards), the offering being in a profusely-illustrated English:Greek bilingual catalog.


The sale will be conducted at the Athens Auction Offices, located at Stadiou 44 - Stoa 5, in Athens.


NOTE: Auction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


NOTE: The Athens Auctions catalogue can be viewed on their facilitative WebSite [see below].


TEL [30] 210   or   Cell/Mobile: [30] 694

FAX [30] 21






                                (Dresden, Germany: Sale No. 175)


A 5,596-Lot public auction primarily offering comprehensive German States, Germany, German Offices Abroad, German Occupations, and German Colonies, and also including much better General Foreign, being conducted at the Dresdner Briefmarken-Auktion Sales Venue located at Bürgerstraße 36, Dresden (directly across from their Dresdner Offices).


The sale is highlighted by the Dr. Hans- Karl Pennig Collection of DDR (East Germany) Official Issues. In addition, the sale also offers better Copper, Silver and Gold Coins (Lot Nos. 1-202). The Gold primarily represents Germany and the German Areas, but also includes offerings from Austria, France, Great Britain, Poland, Russia and Sweden.


NOTE: The entire Dresdner Briefmarken-Auktion GmbH catalog can be viewed on the auctioneer's WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 351 8 48.93.67   FAX [49] 351 8 48.87.88






                                (Nürnberg, Germany: Sale No. 176)


A comprehensive 16.026-Lot public auction of Germany, German Offices Abroad and German Colonies being conducted on the ground floor Theatre area at the Schulz-Briefmarkenauktionen Offices building, located at Frauentorgraben 73, in Nürnberg.


NOTE: The catalog for this sale is available on the Schulz-Briefmarkenauktionen WebSite in the German and English language texts [see below]


TEL [49] 40 33.71.57   FAX [49] 40 33.13.30





19th - 20th        GERT MÜLLER GmbH & CO. KG

                                (Ettlingen, Germany: Public Auction No. 94)


A 8,246-Lot auction of primarily German States, Germany, the German Offices Abroad, and the German Colonies Postage Stamps and Postal History, but also includes an interesting representation of other European and Overseas Areas, all being offered at a public auctions at the Gert Müller Karlsruhe Briefmarken Auktionen Offices located at Carl-Zeiss-Straße 2, in Ettlingen.


Besides the extensive Germanic offerings, the auction includes an very large offering of Collections, Large Lots, Estates and better single lots of worldwide philately worth several million €.  


NOTE: The entire auction catalogue fully illustrated can be viewed on the user-friendly Gert Müller GmbH & Co. KG WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 951 32.50.0   FAX [49] 951 30.25.51





19th - 20th        RARITAN STAMPS INC.

                                (Dayton, NJ: Auction No. 73)


1,290 Lots of key and otherwise desirable and/or esoteric United States and General Worldwide Foreign Postage Stamps, and Postal History.


The auction is highlighted by several specialized collections, to include:


~ The Jay Carrigan Collection of Northern Transylvania Local issues


~ The One Man’s Collection of the People’s Republic of China


~ The Vadim Ustinovsky Collections of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia


NOTE: The entire Raritan Stamps Inc. auction catalogue  can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (732) 422-2124   FAX (732) 422-2125





19th - 20th        VICTORIA STAMP COMPANY

                                (Sharon Springs, NY: Public Auction No. 36) 


An exceptional 2,522-Lot Stamp and Postal History auction featuring two comprehensive specialized British Commonwealth collections, the sale being conducted at the Collectors Club of New York, located at 22 East 35th Street, in New York City, the sales beginning promptly daily at 1:00 PM.


~  The Duffy Collection of the British Commonwealth


~  The Charles A. Freeland Collection of Antigua


~  The Hope Collection of the Cape of Good Hope Rectangles


~  The Dennis G. Uridil Collection of Never Hinged King George V and King Gorge VI issues


~  The Roger West Collection of Dominica


NOTE: The entire Victoria Stamp Company auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (201) 652-7283   FAX (518) 776-1764





20th                   BURDA AUCTION S.R.O.

                                (Prague, Czech Republic: Public Auction No. 54)


An 1,826-Lot offering of moderately valued-through-rare Bohemia and Moravia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as strong representations of other General Foreign, all being offered at a public auction being conducted on that Saturday at the Auction House Burda - Prague, located at Dejvická 9 Street, Dewjvice, in Prague, commencing daily promptly at 9:00 AM.


The sale is highlighted by an extensive selection of 1918-1939 Czechoslovakia, including the comprehensive Ludvík Pytlíče Large Gold Medal Collection of Czechoslovakia: Part II.


TEL [420] [420] 2 777.466.790 or [420] 2 774.567.940

E-Mail: or 




20th                   PETER FEUSER AUKTIONEN / SÜDPHILA

                                (Stuttgart, Germany: Sale No. 85)


A 3,222-Lot sale of German States being sold at a public auction being conducted at their SüdPhila Offices, located at Haußmannstraße 30, in Stuttgart.


NOTE: The entire Peter Feuser auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 711 24.75.24   FAX [49] 711 23.51.08

E-Mail:   or




20th - 21st        RASDALE STAMP CO.

                               (Westmont [Chicago], IL: Public Auction No. 432)


1,188 Lots of United States and General Foreign Postage Stamps, Postal History, and a very large group of Collections, Accumulations, and other Large Lots, being sold at public auction at the new Rasdale Stamp Co. Auction Galleries, located at 35 Chestnut Ave. in Westmont IL, beginning at 9:00 AM.


 The United States section is comprised of two major estates, the first being an impressive Beer Stamp grouping of superior quality. The second estate is connected to the circus. The many individual front and back of the book items with 2016-2017 Philatelic Foundation Certificates are from a holding that has not been worked since 1956, when the collector passed away. The collector was M.T. Barnes, then partnered with an Ed Carruthers of the Fair Booking Association located in Chicago. Mr. Barnes traveled all throughout the world seeking unusual talent to book into the circus.


The Worldwide stamps section originates from several better properties. Countries of note include Germany and the German Areas, as well as Italy and the Italian Areas. Rounding out Session Two is yet another installment of the Chinasingle covers  from the ‘Peninsular’ Estate.


NOTE: The catalog for this auction is available on the Rasdale Stamp Company WebSite [see below].


TEL: (630) 794-9900   FAX (630) 794-9958





21st                   LASER INVEST S.R.L.

                               (Porto Mantovano, Italy: Auction No. 164)


A very comprehensive public auction of Italian States, Italy, the Italian Offices Abroad, the Italian Colonies and other General Foreign Postage Stamps and Postal History, as well as upscale Antiques, all being sold at the Palazzo ‘Mercurioi’, located at via Londra 14, in Porto Mantovano (Mantova), beginning at 2:30 PM.


NOTE: The entire LaserInvest auction catalogue can be downloaded from their WebSite [see below].


TEL [39] 0376 39.99.01   FAX [39] 0376 38.57.75





21st                   TAKAHASHI STAMP COMPANY   

                                (Tokyo, Japan: Public Auction No. 608)


Over 400 Lots in an all-Japan public auction offered in a Japanese-language catalog; although in the Japanese-language, the lot listings are profusely illustrated, and are simple to decipher. The sales venue is located at the Takahashi Stamp Company Offices, located in the Shintaro Building - 4th Floor, at 6-6-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, in Tokyo.


Highlights of the sale include very strong sections of classic-era postage stamps and postal history. Although currently not listed on their WebSite (see below), plans to include auction lot listing on the Internet are planned.


NOTE: Auction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


TEL: [81] 3 573-5370   FAX: [81] 3 3572-0661

E-Mail: or




23rd - 24th        SPARKS AUCTIONS

                                (Ottawa, Canada: Public Auction No. 24)


A 1,496-Lot public auction of Canadian Provinces, Canada, Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, and other General Foreign, all being conducted at their new Sparks Auctions Offices located at 1550 Carling Avenue - Stes. 202-203, in Ottawa.


Of note in the sale are the holdings of two retired dealers. One is offered in its entirety with 120 lots, and the other is the first of two parts in 80 lots. A Polar Region collection is offered by country in several lots, as well as a Radiotopical collection.


The Canada and British North America sections are comprehensive. The postal history section incls the second part of the Sammy Whaley Newfoundland Postal History Collection, the Colin Pomfret Canadian Military (primarily World War I) Postal History Collection. There is a group of numerals in Maltese Cross postmarks on cover.


The Collections section incls better offerings of China and the Chinese Areas, Great Britain, Belgium, and better Germany. There is $C 40,000 worth of face value postage offered as several lots.


NOTE: The Sparks Auctions catalogue for this sale is available for viewing at their user-friendly WebSite [see below]


TEL (613) 567-3336   FAX (613) 567-2972


WebSite :




                                (Münich, Germany: Public Auction Nos. 102)


A 4,132-Lot public auction highlighted by a fine and comprehensive selection of German States, Germany, German Offices Abroad, German Colonies, and Other Worldwide Postage Stamps, Postal History, Collections, Accumulations, Stocks, and other Large Lots, all being sold at the Kirsttein-Larisch Briefmarkenauktionen Offices, located at Schleißheimerstraße 6, in Münich.


NOTE: The entire Darmstädter Briefmarkenauktion catalog can viewed on their WebSite [see below]


TEL [49] 5 38.01.40   FAX [49] 53.65.31






                                (Aachen, Germany: Auction No. 60)


An upscale offering of Postage Stamps and Postal History, highlighted by better Germany, the German Areas, and other Worldwide, to be knocked-down at the Kaufmännische School II sales venue, located at Lothringerstraße 10, in Aachen [located directly across the street from the Aix-Phila offices, which are at Lothringerstraße 13] beginning 11:30 AM (Friday Session) and 10:00 AM (Saturday Session).


NOTE: The entire Aix-Phila Briefmarken-Auktionshaus GmbH auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 241 3.39.95   FAX [49] 241 3.39.97






                                (Bonn, Germany: Auction No. 156)


A comprehensive auction emphasising Germany and the German Areas Postage Stamps and Postal History, but also including a large representation of other General Foreign. All being sold at Oxford Club-Bonn located at Adenauerallee, in Bonn.


The lots will be available for viewing only at the Dr. Reinhard Offices, located at Joachimstraße 7, in Bonn.


NOTE: The bilingual German:English language catalog for this auction is available on the user-friendly Reinhard Fischer Auktionen WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 228 26.31.30   FAX [49] 228 21.33.81





26th - 27th        KELLEHER & ROGERS LTD.

                                (a Division of Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions LLC)

                                (Hong Kong; Public Auction No. 22)


An 1,189-Lot public auction of all-Asia Stamps, Postal History, and other Collectibles, the offerings being sold at the Kelleher & Rogers Ltd. Offices, located in the Malaysia Building, at 50 Gloucester Road - 9th Floor, Wan Chai, in Hong Kong. 


~ Session I (Friday, 26 May 2017) begins with an array of stamps and postal history from the China Municipal Posts through the Imperial issues, and continuing with Republic issues. The Shanghai Large Dragons’ are a highlight. China proper includes  collection lots, along with sections of the ‘Large and Small Dragons’, ‘Red Revenues’ and the ‘Dowager’ issue. Of particular interest is the ‘Golden Dragon’ issue. Also offered are the Chinese Provinces, Foreign Offices, the Occupations, Taiwan and the P.R.C. (incl a full sheet of the 1980 ‘Year of the Monkey’ Issue), plus a selection of recent P.R.C. stamp artwork. The session concludes with Hong Kong and Maçao.


~ Session II (Saturday, 27 May 2017) covers the non-China areas of Asia, including an extensive selection of Japan, Indochina, Korea, Mongolia and Thailand. The session concludes with the Norman Jacobs Collection of South East Asia, including proofs and original artwork.


NOTE: The entire Kelleher & Rogers Ltd. sales catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL  [852] 3153.5541   FAX  [852] 3153-5543






(Osaka, Japan: Public Auction No. 97, Mail Sale No. 85)


An all-Japan and Asia-related public auction presented in a comprehensive Japanese-language catalogue, the sale being conducted at the Japan Stamp Company Executive Offices located in the No. 3 Osakaelkimae Building - 14th Floor, at 1-3-1400 Umeda 1-chome, Kita-ku, in Osaka.


Although listed in the Japanese language, the great majority of the lots are photographed, allowing the listings to be easily understood. The sale is comprised of all of the aspects of Japan’s philatelia, ranging from the Classical-era Postage Stamps and Postal History, through to the better Modern era items, and includes Aerophilately, Cancellations, FDCs, the Japanese Occupation issues, Postal Stationery, and Revenues, as well as the Ryukyu Islands and Korea.


The public auction is followed on 28th May by the Mail Sale No. 84, which contains material similar to that in the public auction, but primarily with more moderate valuations.


NOTE: Auction Agent attendance services are not available for this sale.


TEL [81] 6 6347.1601   FAX [81] 6 6347-1602

E-Mail: or




27th                   SPINK - China

                                (Hong Kong: Sale Nos. CSS24)


A ‘Philatelic Collectors Sale’ public auction being conducted at the Spink-China Offices, located at the Hua Fu Commercial Building - 4th & 5th Floors, 111 Queen’s Road, in Sheung Wani, Hong Kong.


NOTE: The Spink-China catalogue for this auction is available to view at their user-friendly WebSite [see below]


TEL [852] 2530.0100   FAX [852] 2526-6128

E-Mail: [London], [Hong Kong]




31st                   LUGDUNUM PHILATÉLIE

                                (Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, France: Sale No. 102)


An esoteric selection of 921 upscale Worldwide Classical-era Postal History offering an excellent selection of France, the French Offices Abroad, and the French Colonies. The balance of the sale offers the rest of the world , which covers the spectrum of better General Foreign postal history.


NOTE: The entire Lugdunum Philatélie catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite in both the French and English language texts [see below].


TEL [33] 4   FAX [33] 4





31st                   SPINK - Switzerland

                                (Lugano: Sale Nos. SW1020)


A specialized ‘Nuevo Mundo Collection 379-Lot Stamps & Covers of the Spanish Colonies in America  ‘Collectors Series’ public auction being conducted at the Hotel Lugano Dante, located at the Piazza Cioccaro, in Lugano, Switzerland, commencing promptly at 3:00 PM


NOTE: The Spink-InvestPhila catalogue for this auction is available for viewing on the Spink WebSite [see below]


TEL [41] 91 911.62.00   FAX [41] 91 922.20.52

E-Mail: FMartí (Fernando Martínez, Lugano)

  (María Martínez, Lugano)

  (Leszek, Woronowicz, Lugano)




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