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February 2017 - International
Philatelic Auction Calendar



February 2017 Philatelic Auctions   ...




31st - 2nd FEB   SPARKS AUCTIONS [No. 23] (CANADA)  

1st                WARWICK & WARWICK LTD. [No. 807] (ENGLAND)

2nd               GROBE BRIEFMARKENAUKTIONEN GmbH [No. 352] (GERMANY)   

2nd               GROSVENOR PHILATELIC AUCTIONS [No. 113] (ENGLAND)   

2nd               STATUS INTERNATIONAL [No. 330] (AUSTRALIA)

4th                CAMBRIDGESHIRE AUCTIONS [No. 349] (ENGLAND)

4th                LASER INVEST S.R.L. [No. 163] (ITALY)    

6th                LUGDUNUM PHILATÉLIE [No. 100] (FRANCE)    

7th                SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD. [No. 4263] (ENGLAND)  

7th - 8th       DOROTHEUM GmbH & CO. KG [No. 7132] (AUSTRIA)  

10th - 11th   GHIGLIONE 1885 [No. 96] (ITALY)     

11th              KARAMITSOS PHILATELIC AUCTIONS [Nos. 574-575] (GREECE)     

11th              STADE AUKTIONEN [No. 42] (GERMANY)   

14th              SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD. [No. 5263] (ENGLAND)  

15th              ATHENS AUCTIONS [No. 43] (GREECE)   

15th              LESLIE HINDMAN AUCTIONEERS [No. 507] (USA)    

16th              SCHULZ-BRIEFMARKENAUKTIONEN [No. 175] (GERMANY)    

16th - 17th   RÖLLI-SCHÄR AUKTIONEN [No. 59] (SWITZERLAND)    

17th - 18th   GERT MÜLLER GmbH & CO. KG [No. 93] (GERMANY)   


17th - 18th   VAN LOOY & VAN LOOY [No. 157] (USA)   

18th - 19th   RASDALE STAMP CO. [No. 432] (USA)   

19th              TAKAHASHI STAMP COMPANY [No. 605] (USA)       


24th              ARGYLL ETKIN LIMITED [No. 39] (ENGLAND)   

25th              EASTERN AUCTIONS LTD. [No. 850] (CANADA)   

25th - 26th   JAPAN STAMP AUCTIONS [Nos. 96, 84] (JAPAN)   

26th              ESSEX STAMP AUCTIONS [No. 45] (ENGLAND)


28th - 3rd MAR  SIEGEL AUCTION GALLERIES [Nos. 1147-1151] (USA)   



March 2017 Philatelic Auctions   ...


1st    Warwick & Warwick Ltd. (ENGLAND) 

8th    CorinPhila Veilingen BV (NETHERLANDS) 

17th  Stamp Center Inc. [No. 309] (USA)

19th  House of Zion [No. 98] (USA)

19th  Takahashi Stamp Company [No. 606] (JAPAN)

19th  Württembergisches Auktionshaus [No. 129] (GERMANY)

21st   Heinrich Köhler Auktionhaus GmbH (GERMANY)

24th   Postiljonen AB [Nos. 216-217] (SWEDEN)

31st   Regency-Superior Ltd. [No. 123 - St. Louis Stamp Expo] (USA)







                               (Oberkirch, Germany: Auction No. 373)


An 10,951-Lot public auction very strong in Germany and the German Areas Postage Stamps, Postal History, and Collections, but also offering a nice selection of General Foreign, and being sold at the Jürgen Götz e.K. Internationales Auktionhaus Offices located at Steinhof 12, Oberkirch (ca. 7 mile north-east of Offenburg)


NOTE: The entire Jürgen Götz e.K. Internationale Auktionhaus auction catalog can be viewed on their German:English:French trilingual language WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 7802 9.34.40   FAX [49] 7802 59.03






                               (Ottawa, Canada: Public Auction No. 23)


A 3,811-Lot public auction of Canadian Provinces, Canada, Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, and other General Foreign, all being conducted at the Sparks Auctions Offices located at 1550 Carling Avenue - Stes. 202-203, in Ottawa.


There is numerous Canada and other Worldwide material of note, including a comprehensive selection of classic Canada, an impressive collection of Great Britain, specialized KEVII-KGV eras Bermuda, and the final of a two-part offering of an in-depth collection of Special Delivery Mail. There also are sections of the ‘Vimy Memorial’ collectibles and Philatelic Literature.


The auction is further highlighted by several specialized collections, to include:


 ~ The Ted Kerzner Squared Circle Cancellations of Canada. Stated to be the largest and most important offering of its kind ever assembled, the collection consists of numerous only recorded items The sale is presented in a separate print catalogue, which can serve as a reference.


~ The Sammy Whaley Newfoundland Postal History Collection.


~ The ‘WolfeCollection of Mint and Used Canada. A diligent collector who sought as many Unitrade Catalogue-listed examples as possible formed the collection. A previously unknown Newfoundland major variety is among items offered as single lots.


NOTE: The Sparks Auctions catalogue for this sale is available for viewing at their user-friendly WebSite [see below]


TEL (613) 567-3336   FAX (613) 567-2972


WebSite :



1st                     WARWICK & WARWICK LTD.

                                (Warwick, Warwickshire, England: Sale No. 807)


683 Lots of Great Britain, British Commonwealth and General Foreign Stamps, Postal History, Collections, Accumulations, and other Large Lots, offered at a public auction to be conducted in the ‘Ballroom’ of the Courthouse, located on Jury Street, in Warwick (located on the south side of Jury St., at the intersection of Castle St.).

located on Jury Street, in Warwick, beginning promptly at 12:00 Noon.


The sale begins with a very comprehensive selection of large lots representing Worldwide Mixed and Single-Countries, as well as Autographs, British Commonwealth Omnibus Issues, Topicals / Thematics, Revenues, and Accessories. The comprehensive Great Britain section includes Postal History, QV-Decimal Issues used and unused Singles, FDCs, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.


NOTE: The entire Warwick and Warwick Ltd. auction catalog can be viewed on their very user-friendly WebSite [see below].


TEL [44] 1926 49.90.31   FAX [44] 1926 49.19.06

E-Mail:   or    




2nd                    GROBE BRIEFMARKENAUKTIONEN GmbH

                               (Hannover, Germany: Auction No. 352)




NOTE: The entire Grobe Briefmarkenauktionen GmbH auction catalogue can be downloaded from their WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 511 32.16.00   or   [49] 511 32.68.82

FAX [49] 511 32.67.35






                                (London, England: Public Auction No. 113)


A 1,231-Lot sale of Great Britain, the British Empire and Foreign Countries Postage Stamps and Postal History offered at a public auction conducted at the Grosvenor Auction Room located on the 3rd Floor of the Stanley Gibbons Building, 399-401 Strand, London.


The specialized auction includes numerous Proof and Specimen issues, as well as exceptional East and West Africa.


NOTE: The entire Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions Ltd. auction catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [44] 20 7379.8789   FAX [44] 20 7379.9737





2nd                    STATUS INTERNATIONAL

                                (Sydney, Australia: Sale No. 330)


A 4,130-Lot public auction of the Australian States, Australia, and the Australian ,Areas, and including strong sections of other British Commonwealth, and General Foreign, the auction venue being located on ‘Level 3’ of the Status International Offices, 262 Castlereagh St., Sydney, beginning at 12:00 Noon sharp.


Australia philatelia covers the spectrum of the country’s issues, from the Roo’s, through to the modern scarcities. The Australian States has particular strength in the areas of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. The sale also includes impressive large sections of Collections, Accumulations, Wholesale Groupings, and other Large Lots.


NOTE: The catalog for this auction is available on the Status International WebSite [see below].


TEL [61] 2 9267.4525   FAX [61] 2 9267.6124






                                (Ely, Cambridgeshire, England: Auction No. 349)


A 3,556-Lot public auction of Great Britain, the British Commonwealth, and other General Foreign Postage Stamps, Postal History, Collections, Accumulations, and other Large Lots, the auction being conducted on the Saturday beginning  promptly at 12:30 PM at the refurbished historic Victoria-era brewery, The Maltings (, located on Ship Lane in Ely, Cambridgeshire.


The sale commences with a large section of General Foreign Mixed Lots and Collections, including several interesting cover lots, Topical / Thematic groupings and Commonwealth Omnibus Issues. Larger sections of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, as well as other General Foreign, offers a comprehensive selection of all their issues.  


NOTE: The complete catalog for this auction is available on Cambridgeshire Philatelic Auctions WebSite [see below].


TEL [44] 1353 66.39.19   FAX [44] 1353 66.41.27





4th                     LASER INVEST S.R.L.

                                (Porto Mantovano, Italy: Auction No. 163)


A very comprehensive 777-Lot public auction of Italian States, Italy, the Italian Offices Abroad, the Italian Colonies and other General Foreign Postage Stamps and Postal History, as well as upscale Antiques, all being sold at the Palazzo ‘Mercurioi’, located at via Londra 14, in Porto Mantovano (Mantova), beginning at 2:30 PM.


~ Session 1 - Antiques and Other Collectibles (2:30 PM, Local Time). Offered are paintings by Angelo Inganni and Mose’ Bianchi, and Alberto Giacometti lithographs. In the same session there is a wide selection of Maps and Books, among which is a book by Giovanni Battista Ramusio. Also offered is a nice selection of Medals and Wines.


~ Session 2 - Philately (3:30 PM, Local Time). Offered is a large range of Postage Stamps representing the Italian Areas, as well as a specialized “Football” (Soccer) Topical Collection.


NOTE: The entire LaserInvest auction catalogue can be downloaded from their WebSite [see below].


TEL [39] 0376 39.99.01   FAX [39] 0376 38.57.75





6th                     LUGDUNUM PHILATÉLIE

                                (Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, France: Sale No. 100)


An esoteric selection of 415 upscale Worldwide Classical-era Postal History offering an excellent selection of France, the French Offices Abroad, and the French Colonies. The balance of the sale offers the rest of the world (299 Lots), which covers the spectrum of better General Foreign postal history


Several Worldwide items of special note are included in the following examples:


~ Lot 127 - French Army in Benin: 1893 Officer’s Cover ==> France

~ Lot 135 - French Army in French Congo: 1894 Soldier ’s Cover ==> France

~ Lot 170 - French India: French ‘Napoleons’ on 1860 Cover ==> France

~ Lot 242 - New South Wales: 1869 Cover ==> Antigua W.I.

~ Lot 282 - Egypt: 1870 Cover ==> Austria

~ Lot 310 - Saxony: 1864 Cover ==> Netherlands Indies

~ Lot 312 - North German Confederation: 1869 Cover ==> Mauritius

~ Lot 344 - Fanning Island: 1889 USS Nipsic Cover ==> USA

~ Lot 346 - Gilbert & Ellice Islands: 1911 Quadruple Rate Cover ==> Europe 

~ Lot 357 - Roman States: 1854 Cover ==> Tunisia

~ Lot 368 - Korea: 1905 ‘GWENDOLINE’ cds on Card ==> Belgium

~ Lot 385 - Norway: 1861 8Sk Cover ==> Spain

~ Lot 368 - New Zealand: 1868 ‘LAKATI’ Cover ==> France


NOTE: The entire Lugdunum Philatélie catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite in both the French and English language texts [see below].


TEL [33] 4   FAX [33] 4





7th                     SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD.

                                (Knutsford, Cheshire, England: Auction No. 4263)


Offered under their ‘Hunters Stamp Auction’ banner, 3,476 Lots of Great Britain, the British Commonwealth, and General Foreign Postage Stamps and Covers. Highlights of the sale include:


~  Belgium - 19th Century: An interesting range of items and collections from a specialist’s estate.

~  British Cancellations: Several interesting collections from a large specialist’s estate.

~  De La Rue ‘Famous Head’ Die Proofs: A number of circa 1900 die proofs by the famous printing company.

~  French Colonies: A very comprehensive range of Used collections with choice cds’.

~  Ireland - 1922 Issues : Many interesting items rich in varieties


NOTE: The complete catalog for this auction is available on the Sandafayre

(Holdings) Ltd. WebSite [see below].


TEL [44] 1565 65.32.14   FAX [44] 1565 65.16.37





7th - 8th            DOROTHEUM GmbH & CO. KG

                                (Vienna, Austria: Auction No. 7132)


A 1,342-Lot public auction of Austria, European, and other Worldwide Stamps and Postal History. The sale will be conducted at 10:00 AM on that Tuesday and Wednesday in the ‘Ludwigstorff Room’ at the historic and elegant, and Palais Dorotheum Building offices, located at Dorotheergaße 17, Vienna.


Strong in Austria and the Austrian Areas Postage Stamps and Postal History, the sale also includes much in the way of General Foreign, primarily from the European Areas.


General Foreign of note can be found in the listings of Czechoslovakia (Listed as Tschechoslowakei, Lot Nos. 268-281), Germany (Lot Nos. 1-115), Great Britain (Lot Nos. 148-165), Hungary (Listed as Ungarn, Lot Nos. 284-290) Liechtenstein (Lot Nos. 188-203), Russia (Lot Nos. 218-229) and Switzerland (Lot. Nos. 233-259).


NOTE: The entire Dorotheum GmbH. auction catalog can be viewed on the auctioneer's WebSite [see below].


TEL [43] 1 515.60.297 (Gerhard Babor)

FAX [43] 1 515.60.348)





10th - 11th        GHIGLIONE 1885

                                (Genova, Italy: Auction No. 96)


A 5,973-Lot comprehensive public auction of Postage Stamps and Postal History highlighted by better Italian States, the Kingdom and the Republic of Italy, Italian Offices Abroad, Italian Colonies, San Marino, Vatican City, and General Worldwide Foreign.


NOTE: The entire Studio Filatelico Ghiglione auction catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [39] 10 2473.530   FAX [39] 10 2473.295

E-Mail:   or     





                              PHILATELIC AUCTIONS

                                (Thessalonika, Greece: Public Auction Nos. 574-575)


A 2,761-Lot public auction of primarily Greece and the Greek Areas, and Cyprus Postage Stamps and Postal History (including vintage Picture Postcards), contained in two sales presented in a luxuriously illustrated Greek:English languages bilingual catalog. The sale will be conducted on that Saturday at the Hilton Athens Hotel ( ) located at 46 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, in the heart of Athens, the sale commencing at 5:00 PM


Sale No. 574, Lot Nos. 1-1925 - a General Sale strong in all aspects of Greece and Cyprus philatelia, and including comprehensive sections of Postmarks and Cancellations. Also offered is a large selection of vintage Picture Postcards.


~ Sale No. 575, Lot Nos. 3001-4381 - a comprehensive offering of Worldwide Postage Stamps


NOTE: Auction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


NOTE: The entire Argirios Karamitsos International Philatelic Auctions

catalog can viewed on their WebSite [see below]


TEL [30] 2310 26.43.66   FAX [30] 2310 27.40.31





11th                   STADE AUKTIONEN  

                                (Weil am Rhein, Germany: Sale No. 42)


An almost 12,000-Lot sale of primarily German and other Worldwide Vintage, neo-Modern, and other periods Picture Postcards. The Classical, Art Deco, 3rd Reich, Zeppelin, and WWII items all are intriguing, as well as being artistically attractive.


NOTE: The complete catalog for this auction is available on the Stade-Auktionen GmbH WebSite.


TEL [49] 7621 7.84.22   FAX [49] 7621 79.31.73





14th                   SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD.

                                (Knutsford, Cheshire, England: Auction No. 5263)


Offered under their ‘Hunters Stamp Auction’ banner, 3,411 Lots of Great Britain, the British Commonwealth, and General Foreign Postage Stamps and Covers. Highlights of the sale include:


~  Belgium - 19th Century: An ‘old time’ 1849-1930s hoarders collection w/ everything from comprehensive specialised collections, including early NHM, to Essays, Picture Postcards and Postal Stationery, all presented in lots broken down into manageable sections.

~  Italian States - Parma:  The 1852-1859 portion of an exceptional collection of the classic issues, incl many scarce and rare mint items, and seldom offered varieties.

~  United States: A number of ca. 1900 die proofs by the famous printing company.


NOTE: The complete catalog for this auction is available on the Sandafayre

(Holdings) Ltd. WebSite [see below].


TEL [44] 1565 65.32.14   FAX [44] 1565 65.16.37





15th                   ATHENS AUCTIONS

                                (Athens, Greece: Sale No. 43)


A 3.266-Lot sale consisting primarily of Greece and the Greek Areas, as well as the related areas of Crete and the Dodecanese Islands, as well as and Cyprus, Postage Stamps and Postal History (including vintage Picture Postcards), the offering being in a profusely-illustrated English:Greek bilingual catalog.


The sale will be conducted on that Wednesday at the Hilton - Athens Hotel (, located at 46 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue., in the heart of Athens, the sale commencing at 6:00 PM


The sale will be conducted at the Athens Auction Offices, located at Stadiou 44 - Stoa 5, in Athens.


NOTE: Auction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


NOTE: The Athens Auctions catalogue can be viewed on their facilitative WebSite [see below].


TEL [30] 210   or   Cell/Mobile: [30] 694

FAX [30] 21





15th                   LESLIE HINDMAN AUCTIONEERS

                                (Chicago IL: Auction No. 507)


A 26-Lot single-owner public auction featuring the United States 1918Lost JennyInverted Center (Pos. 79) and other key stamps, to include a tête-bêche Type I & Type II ‘Buffalo Baloon’ Pair, as well a 2¢ Single and 4¢ Block-of-4 Pan American Inverts.


The General Foreign Airmail offerings incl an Australia 1919 Ross-Smith Flight Miniature Sheet; Key Bolivia 1930, Brazil 1929, Honduras 1925-1930, and Nicaragua 1930 issues; the Panamá 1931 Sc C15b imperf between as a complete Sheet-of-50, and many more better with listing of Italy, México, and Venezuela.


NOTE: The entire Auktionhaus Hettinger auction catalog can viewed on their German:English bilingual language WebSite [see below]


TEL [49] 89   FAX [49] 89  






                                (Nürnberg, Germany: Sale No. 175)


A comprehensive 10.613-Lot public auction of Germany, German Offices Abroad and German Colonies being conducted on the ground floor Theatre area at the Schulz-Briefmarkenauktionen Offices building, located at Frauentorgraben 73, in Nürnberg.


NOTE: The catalog for this sale is available on the Schulz-Briefmarkenauktionen WebSite in the German and English language texts [see below]


TEL [49] 40 33.71.57   FAX [49] 40 33.13.30






                                (Luzern, Switzerland: Auction No. 59)


A 2,598-Lot public auction of primarily all-Switzerland and nearby Liechtenstein Postage Stamps and Postal History, these offerings covering every possible aspect of their philatelic spectrums, the sale being conducted at the Rölli-Schär AG offices located at the Haus zum Seidenhof, Seidenhofstraße 2 ~ 4-Stock, in Luzern.


NOTE: The complete catalog for this auction is available on the R+B Rölli-Schar Auktionen AG WebSite (see below).


TEL [41] 41 226.02.02   FAX [41] 41 226.02.01





17th - 18th        GERT MÜLLER GmbH & CO. KG

                                (Ettlingen, Germany: Public Auction No. 93)


A 2,332-Lot auction of primarily German States, Germany, the German Offices Abroad, and the German Colonies Postage Stamps and Postal History, but also includes an interesting representation of other European and Overseas Areas, all being offered at a public auctions at the Gert Müller Karlsruhe Briefmarken Auktionen Offices located at Carl-Zeiss-Straße 2, in Ettlingen.


Besides the extensive Germanic offerings, the auction includes an very large offering of Collections, Large Lots, Estates and better single lots of worldwide philately worth several million €. In addition, the sale also offers better Copper, Silver and Gold Coins, and Medals (Lot Nos. 200-269).


NOTE: The entire auction catalogue fully illustrated can be viewed on the user-friendly Gert Müller GmbH & Co. KG WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 951 32.50.0   FAX [49] 951 30.25.51







                                (Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany: Auction No. 175)


A comprehensive 10,951-Lot public auction being conducted at the Rauhut & Kruschel Auction Galleries venue located at Reichspräsidentenstraße 21-25, in Mülheim an der Ruhr (located in the Ruhr Area, between Dulsburg, Essen, Oberhausen and Ratingen), the sales rooms being located 600 meters from the Rauhut & Kruschel offices.


The auction is highlighted by comprehensive offerings of Germany, the German Areas, and General Worldwide Postage Stamps and Postal History. The Collections and other Large Lots, Dealers Stocks, and Accumulations section is especially strong.


NOTE: The complete catalog for this auction is available on the very user-friendly Briefmarken-Auktionshaus Harald Rauhut WebSite (every lot is illustrated) [see below].


TEL [49] 208 3.30.98   or   [49] 208 39.07.25  

FAX [43] 208 38.35.52






                             (Antwerpen, Belgium: Sale No. 157)


A 3,675-Lot Public Auction of Worldwide Postage Stamps and Postal History. The majority of the offering represents Belgium and the Belgian Colonies, but there are also better or otherwise desirable sections of other primarily European Areas, the sale being conducted at the Van Looy & Van Looy Offices, Frankrijklei 120, Antwerp.


The Belgium Classic Issues, Varieties and the Back-of-the Book items, incl the Railroad Issues, Publicity Stamps, and the Luxury Sheets highlight the auction. There also are better sections of the Belgian Congo and the 1870 Franco-German War Postal History.


NOTE: The entire auction is available on the Van Looy & Van Looy Postzegelveilingen N.V. WebSite [see below].


TEL [31] 32 3 232.22.05   FAX [31] 32 3 225.18.73





18th - 19th        RASDALE STAMP CO.

                                (Westmont [Chicago], IL: Public Auction No. 432)


1,670 Lots of United States and General Foreign Postage Stamps, Postal History, and a very large group of Collections, Accumulations, and other Large Lots, being sold at public auction at the new Rasdale Stamp Co. Auction Galleries, located at 35 Chestnut Ave. in Westmont IL, beginning at 9:00 AM.


The ‘Empire’ Philatelic Estate, and the ‘Buddy’ Sokolick Estate highlight the sale.


The EmpirePhilatelic Estate is a very large accumulation of Collections Stock Books, Binders, Auction and Sales pages going back to the 1940's and ending in the early 1970's with strength in United States and Canada. Auction and sales pages from the 1940's fill dozens of boxes that become the major portion of the United States and Canada singles section. while leaving hundreds of medium to high cataloging items to be offered i9n small box lots.


Unearthed in the ‘EmpirePhilatelic Estate was a complete Imperforate Sheet-of-100 of the CanadaBluenose’, only two such having been recorded. Also found were both mint and used ‘Seaway Inverts’. There is additional better Canada, as well as Newfoundland, and the United States. All offered as individual lots. Germany and the German Area, and Great Britain, also are well represented.


TheBuddy Sokolick Estate is a fascinating selection of ‘Rock and Roll’ and ‘Indy Car’ collectibles. Sokolick was an avid racecar owner and fan.


Also of special note are two major postal history sections. There is a comprehensive selection of United States Civil War-era Used Patriotic Covers (Lot Nos. 494-558), and yet another strong offering of China from the ‘Peninsula’ Estate (Lot Nos. 573-684).


NOTE: The catalog for this auction is available on the Rasdale Stamp Company WebSite [see below].


TEL: (630) 794-9900   FAX (630) 794-9958





19th                   TAKAHASHI STAMP COMPANY   

                                (Tokyo, Japan: Public Auction No. 605)


Over 400 Lots in an all-Japan public auction offered in a Japanese-language catalog; although in the Japanese-language, the lot listings are profusely illustrated, and are simple to decipher. The sales venue is located at the Takahashi Stamp Company Offices, located in the Shintaro Building - 4th Floor, at 6-6-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, in Tokyo.


Highlights of the sale include very strong sections of classic-era postage stamps and postal history. Although currently not listed on their WebSite (see below), plans to include auction lot listing on the Internet are planned.


NOTE: Auction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


TEL: [81] 3 573-5370   FAX: [81] 3 3572-0661

E-Mail: or





                                (Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany: Public Auction No. 36)


A multi 1,000-Lot, mega-auction of Worldwide Covers and other Postal History covering virtually every stamp-issuing entity presented in ten individual sales catalogs, to be sold beginning promptly at 9:00 AM daily on the auction dates at the Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner Offices sales venue located at Steinbeisstraße 6+8, in Bietigheim-Bissingen (ca. 12 miles north of Stuttgart, and 12 miles south of Heilbronn).


NOTE: The entire Auktionhaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co. KG auction catalogue can be viewed on their user-friendly German:English bilingual WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 7142 789.400   FAX [49] 7142 789.410





24th                   ARGYLL ETKIN LIMITED

                                (London, England: Auction No. 39)


 A 1,091-Lot public auction of Worldwide Postage Stamps and Postal History, the sale being conducted at the conveniently-located Regus Conference Centre, located at No. 1 Northumberland Avenue, London WC2 (located a few yards off of Trafalgar Square), and commencing promptly at 10:30 AM.


British Commonwealth highlights of the sale incl:


~ Cape of Good Hope, featuring a collection of the Postal History of the District of George.

~ 1815-1913 British, German and United States Hospital Ship Mail with rare Boer War and Boxer Rebellion items.

~ WW I Censored Mail featuring rare and only-recorded seals and cachets, origins and destinations.

~ An exceptional 127 lot collection of Isle of Wight with Ship Letters, Forwarding Agents, Osborne House and Royal yachts.

~ Railway Letters and Stamps.

~ WWI POW Ships.

~ Great Britain w/ ‘Penny Black’ Covers, Mulreadys, pre-Adhesives mail and North Kent postal history.

~ British Africa w/ African airmails and flights by Mollison and Cobham; Egypt, Gambia, Nyasaland, Rhodesia and South Africa flights.

~ Indian Native States and India Postal History


The sale also offers interesting selections of the Belgian Congo, the British Solomon Islands, Boer War Postal History, the Falkland Islands, Germany 1922-1923 Inflation Mail, Great Britain w/ Revenues, Locals and Cinderellas; ‘Jacobite

Rebellion Letters, KUT WWII forces and Internee Mail, Orange Free State, Tristan da Cunha, WWII Mail Damaged by Enemy Action, Foreign Covers w/ French Occupation of Egypt hndstmps, France Napoleonic Forces Mail and United States Slavery Letters.


NOTE: The entire Argyll Etkin Limited catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [44] 207 930-6100   FAX [44] 207 930-6109    





25th                   EASTERN AUCTIONS LTD.

                                (Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada: Sale No. 850)


A 694-Lot offering of Canada and the Canadian Provinces, United States, and General Foreign Postage Stamps and Postal History at a public auction being conducted at their ‘Victoria Suite sales venue in the Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites (, located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, at 1515 South Park Street (at the corner of Spring Garden Road and South Park Street)


The sale features numerous British Commonwealth lots, ranging from single stamps to specialized lots and entire collections, with an emphasis on the British West Indies, Great Britain and Scandinavia.


The Worldwide section concludes with the very comprehensive inventory of the Garcelon Stamp Company. This stock, untouched since the 1980s, includes the British Commonwealth, Great Britain, Canada, Newfoundland and the  United States, with catalogue value exceeding well over $C1,000,000..


The Canadian Provinces section includes many seldom offered Die Proofs, Color Trial Proofs and Plate Proofs. The Canada features a comprehensive selection of elusive Stamps, Proofs, Plate Multiples, Errors and numerous Collections. Of note is an delightful collection of Fancy Cancellations that are arranged according to their ‘Lacelle’ numbers, w/ an emphasis on rarity and clarity, and with oblits representing various Numerals, Alphabet  Letters and Geometrics,


NOTE: The entire Eastern Auctions Ltd. catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite [see below]:


TEL (506) 548-8986 or (800) 667-8267  

FAX (506) 546-6627 or (888) 867-8267





25th - 26th        JAPAN STAMP AUCTIONS

                                (Osaka, Japan: Public Auction No. 96, Mail Sale No. 84)


An all-Japan and Asia-related public auction presented in a comprehensive Japanese-language catalogue, the sale being conducted at the Japan Stamp Company Executive Offices located in the No. 3 Osakaelkimae Building - 14th Floor, at 1-3-1400 Umeda 1-chome, Kita-ku, in Osaka.


Although listed in the Japanese language, the great majority of the lots are photographed, allowing the listings to be easily understood. The sale is comprised of all of the aspects of Japan’s philatelia, ranging from the Classical-era Postage Stamps and Postal History, through to the better Modern era items, and includes Aerophilately, Cancellations, FDCs, the Japanese Occupation issues, Postal Stationery, and Revenues, as well as the Ryukyu Islands and Korea.


The public auction is followed on 26th February by the Mail Sale No. 84, which contains material similar to that in the public auction, but primarily with more moderate valuations.


NOTE: Auction Agent attendance services are not available for this sale.


TEL [81] 6 6347.1601   FAX [81] 6 6347-1602

E-Mail: or




26th                   ESSEX STAMP AUCTIONS

                                (Braintree, Essex, England: Auction No. 45)


A public auction taking place in the a sales room of the Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel (, Old Shire Lane, Waltham Abbey, in England (located just 100 yards from Junction 26 of the M25, and near M11).


The British Commonwealth is highlighted by Cyprus KGV £1 stamps Used, a Gibraltar £5 Plate Number Single Used, Malta w/ examples of the elusive 1919 10/- MCA watermark, and  Rhodesia 1910 ‘Double Heads’ mint to the £1. Also offered are British Commonwealth representing British Africa, India, Malaya and the Americas.


The General Foreign is highlighted by Collections of China incl the Empire, classic Greece with hundreds of mint and used ‘Hermes Heads’, Russian ZemstvoRural Post’ Issues, Turkey (w/ the ‘Tughra’ Classic Issues), Persia, impressive Iceland w/ numerous certified rarities, as well other Scandinavia single country lots, and the United States incl high value ‘Columbian’ Issues.


NOTE: The entire Essex Stamp Auctions catalogue can easily be downloaded in a .pdf format from their WebSite [see below]


TEL [44] (0)1279 723.121   FAX [49] 341

E-Mail:  of





                                (New York, NY: Auction No. 0217)


A comprehensive offering representing upscale important United States and Worldwide Postage Stamps, Postal History, Proofs, Essays and other rare and esoteric related philatelia at a public auction being conducted at their modern, conveniently located, mid-town Manhattan Cherrystone Auction Galleries, located at 119 West 57th Street, on the 3rd Floor, beginning daily promptly at 10:00 AM (Morning Sessions) and 1:00 PM (Afternoon Sessions). 


The sale ends with Large Lots and Collections, ranging from single country collections, to multi-box worldwide groups of Stamps and Postal History.


NOTE: The entire Cherrystone Philatelic Auctions catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below]. Most of the single lots are accompanied by quality color scans, and Opening Prices are updated daily.


TEL (212) 977-7734     FAX (212) 977-8652






                     (New York, NY: Sale Nos. 1147-1151)


Four important upscale sales of premier General Foreign Stamps and Postal History, the auction being conducted at their Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries located in mid-town Manhattan at 60 East 56th St. – 4th Floor, New York City.


~ Sale 1147 - Tuesday, 28th February, The Don David Price Collection of the United States 1918 24¢ JennyAir Post Issue. The collection has garnered top awards in international competitions, and features a sound and choice 24¢ ‘Inverted Jenny’ (Position 28). As well as the historical letter that confirmed the sale of Robey’s discovery sheet to stamp dealer Eugene Klein.


~ Sale 1149 - Tuesday, 28th February, The Barry K. Schwartz Collection of the United States 1909 Bluish Paper Issues.  The Barry  K. Schwartz Collection of the 1909 Bluish Paper Issue is stated to be the finest and most comprehensive of its kind ever formed. Assembled over a 40-year period with the guidance of Harry (‘Sonny’) Hagendorf of Columbian Stamp Company, the collection features an impressive  array of imprint and plate number multiples, used examples and covers.


~ Sale 1149 - Tuesday, 28th February, The Grant Inman Collection - Part 4: United States Proprietary and Other Revenue Stamps. Part 4 of the Grant Inman Collection sale series presents a complete array of numerous Revenue issue categories: Documentary, Proprietary (w/ rare  Inverts), Future Delivery, Stock Transfer, Playing Cards, Cigarette Tubes, Potato Tax, Tobacco Sale Tax, Narcotic Tax, Consular Service Fee, Customs Fee, Motor Vehicle Use, Boating Stamps, Firearms Transfer Tax and Savings Stamps.


 ~ Sale 1150 - Wednesday-Thursday, 1st-2nd March, United States Stamps. The sale includes a broad spectrum of high quality stamps, including an “old-time” collection of Classic Issues, the ‘Vaquero Collection of High-Grade United States 20th Century Issues, major rarities from the 1908 Government coils. and strong sections of Officials, Newspapers & Periodicals and Carriers & Locals.


 ~ Sale 1151 - Friday, 1st-2nd March, Civil War and Confederate States Stamps and Postal History. The sale features the Daniel C. Warren M.D. Collection, and a specialized collection of North Carolina. Included are strong sections of Postmasters' Provisionals, Patriotics and Wallpaper Covers


NOTE: The entire Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (212) 753-6421   FAX (212) 753-6429            

E-Mail:  (Scott R. Trepel)

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