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1954 - Air Craft Prototypes - complete set of 4 stamps, Sc. C29-32 MNH, (normal price 89,00 ?)
79,00 €
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Red-Cross - 1952-59, complete set of 8 booklets, very small defaults on cover, stamps MNH
295,00 €
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FRANCE Sc. B20-23 - War Orphans III, set of 4 mint stamps MH
69,00 €
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FRANCE Sc. 198-201 - Olympic Games 1924, set of 4 mint stamps MH
12,50 €

Philatelic ACCESSORIES are offered to you by a multiplicity of manufacturers. The basic equipment of the philatelist is composed of the stamp tong, the magnifier and the stamp album.


Of course you can keep your stamps in the shoe-box, but thank to the album you won't damage your stamps and you may always have the survey of your collection.

You have the choice between collecting in ordinary stock books or in albums with blank pages. With blank pages albums you can arrange your collection any way, but mostly collecting on imprinted pages from the different manufacturers is prefered.


In contrast collecting stamps in stock books, stamps collected on blank pages must be fastened with hinges or mounts. Caution: the gummed hinges are to be used for used stamps or for stamps without gum only!

Never used stamps and stamps with full gum should be collected on blank pages with mounts only; so the immaculate pieces are fixed without damaging their gum, which is more and more important for the modern philatelist.


Philatelic basic equipment with magnifier, stamp tongs, stock books for stamps, coins, postcards and phonecards, from the ordinary album to the leather album for the elevated requirement:  Your stamp dealer has all this ready for you.